Wanted: Teachers to pilot YouthTeachUSA. Contact us.

Wanted: Teachers to pilot YouthTeachUSA. Contact us.

Peer teaching. That's The Hoenny Center's sole focus.

Peer teaching! When kids collaborate to learn, your teaching is magnified!

Peer teaching! When kids teach each other, magic happens!

Kids help each other learn every day. Together, we can help them do it better.

Celebrate peer teaching!

How? Learn about P-12 students who help others learn--their motivations, teaching strategies, and personal rewards. Why? Teachers who are effective peer teaching leaders enjoy their profession more, have more engaged students, and can play an important role in improving the quality of our teaching profession.

You are a committed professional who stretches and challenges students every day. By expanding your students' peer teaching skills and opportunities, you will experience even better classroom engagement and radically improved learning for all of your students.

We know. Teachers and students have told us and shown us through our research. Invest a few minutes to find out more.

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